North-Harju Partnership’s activities are based on promoting local initiative through partnership and cooperation and developing measures necessary for the implementation of long-term goals, which are in the interest of the region’s population and villages. The interests are reflected in the jointly drafted development strategy and give the region’s population a possibility to receive support in the framework of the Leader measure.

Our motto: “We are brought together by 5000 years of love for the home region, history, culture and traditions – there aren’t many regions in Estonia, which can beat this.“

The rural municipalities of Rae and Jõelähtme are connected by the naturally beautiful Pirita river, together with Viimsi; the territories of all three rural municipalities form a central area of ancient Rebala. There are many ancient sights, memorial stones from Iron and Stone Age; buildings and constructions from the beginning of the last millennium have been preserved in the region. Jõelähtme and Viimsi   rural municipalities have naturally beautiful forests, forest stands, milieu rich landscapes reminding of the ancient times and long coastlines. There are 19  islands in the region, 9 of them are situated in Viimsi rural municipality and 10 in Jõelähtme. Naissaar island is the biggest but with few population (7 registered residents ) because it was under soviet military forces,  the second big island Prangli has biggist population ( 133 registered residents). Today, an important connectingtrait is the vicinity of the city of Tallinn, which brings about the densely populated villages in the region.  More than half of the residents work mainly in Tallinn. There are only few people who find work and employment in their farms and households, private enterprises or local service.


North-Harju Partnership implements four measures:

I Local Enterprise Development

II Activation communities and cohesion

III Valuing the living environment

IV Development of national and international cooperation

Implementing these measures gives a good opportunity to value rural life through the increase of connections between communities, supporting small enterprises, improving tourism potential of the territory, preserving local cultural heritage and milieu rich living environment, activating cooperation at national and international level with other organizations with similar issues.


Jõelähtme, Rae and Viimsi rural municipalities.

Number of Local Action Group members: 82 (as of 14.03.2024)
Population of the region: 54 030
Territory: 490,4 km²


Kostivere mansion, Mõisa tee 2, Kostivere,  74204, Jõelähtme rural municipality; Harju County
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